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Dominic Holden

Senior Consultant
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Dominic is a passionate consultant who works in strategy, public policy and economics.

Before joining Nous he gained strategy consulting and private equity experience and an educational background in economics, finance and maths. He uses his analysis and communication skills to efficiently develop solutions that create positive influence.

Influential work

  • Developed a cost-benefit analysis to underpin a state government department’s business case, creating defensible costs and benefit estimates that enabled the department to fulfil its funding request 
  • Contributed to the development of the inaugural Victorian Skills Plan, conducting quantitative analysis and engagement with stakeholders to understand regional Victoria’s unique education and training needs 
  • Crafted a compelling investment prospectus for clean energy in regional Victoria, outlining the investment case to public and private investors 
  • Developed a set of financial reform options for an Australian regulatory body, identifying the potential financial, legal and political implications of different funding models 
  • Assessed potential growth pathways for a public superannuation fund, creating a compelling, user-friendly and evidence-based tool to consider options. 

Outside of Nous

Dominic holds a Bachelor of Commerce (economics and finance) from the University of Melbourne. During his studies he interned with EY-Parthenon, the strategy consulting arm of Ernst and Young; and Resource Capital Funds Jolimont, a private equity firm specialising in mining technology growth ventures. 

Dominic has been heavily involved in consulting case competitions, including representing the University of Melbourne in Madrid, Spain and placing first in a national competition of over 100 teams. Dominic was awarded the Economics Society Prize for Macroeconomics at the University of Melbourne in 2020. 

In his spare time...

Dominic is a keen basketballer and surfer. He loves going to live gigs and travelling to experience other cultures and meet new people. 


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