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Dominic Holden

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Dominic is a passionate and driven consultant with previous experience in strategy consulting and private equity.

With an educational background in economics, finance and maths, Dominic uses his analytical thinking and communication skills to solve problems in a structured and efficient manner.

Influential work

  • Represented the University of Melbourne at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain in the BBA Business Challenge, a team-based strategy ideation case competition against eleven other universities
  • Achieved success in numerous domestic case competitions, including being awarded first place from over 100 teams in the FMAA’s Management Consulting Case Competition and placing 4th from over 200 teams globally in MMI’s Global Microfinance Case Competition
  • Authored economic articles on public policy and financial affairs for the University Network for Investing and Trading (UNIT) student society
  • Coordinated a team of ten writers to publish weekly articles and infographics to deepen the financial knowledge of university students as Vice-President and Head of Publications at UNIT.

Outside of Nous

Dominic holds a Bachelor of Commerce (economics and finance) from the University of Melbourne. During his studies he interned with EY-Parthenon, the strategy consulting arm of Ernst and Young; and Resource Capital Funds Jolimont, a private equity firm specialising in mining technology growth ventures.

Dominic has been heavily involved in case competitions, including representing the University of Melbourne in Madrid, Spain; and participating successfully at various domestic competitions.

In his spare time...

Dominic enjoys playing basketball and listening to music, especially going to live gigs. He also loves travelling to experience other cultures and meet new people.


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