Doron Chimes


Doron Chimes headshot
Doron combines expertise in strategic planning, organisational design and implementation with a strong background in engineering and finance.
With experience across higher education, sustainable development and health, Doron is adept at data analysis, stakeholder engagement, financial modelling, and executive- and board-level facilitation. Known for supporting large-scale transformations, Doron is a trusted partner for many organisational leaders, helping them achieve their goals by fostering a collaborative environment and delivering practical, innovative solutions.

Influential work

  • Designed and implemented an organisational design and operating model for a member-owned organisation following a merger, streamlining operations, integrating best practices, and refreshing operating model to meet growing stakeholder demands.
  • Supported a Go8 university to refine its efforts on international student attraction and retention, resulting in longer-term increases in international students, outbound participation, improved offer-to-enrolment conversion and better overall international student experience.
  • Project managed a $28 million cross-industry demonstration to design a new marketplace for distributed energy resources, managing three collaborating organisations, including procurement, strategic advice, budgeting and risk analysis.
  • A university college attained higher education provider status and looked to scale and diversify its offering, so we developed a product strategy and implementation plan to support the college to reach new markets and bridge skills gaps in education and scale as a leading provider.
  • Project managed an initiative for the NSW Government to better understand skills shortages across industries and regions, unpack the key drivers of recruitment difficulties influencing skills shortages, and identify how government and industry could act accordingly.

Outside of Nous

Outside of Nous, Doron is part of the board observership program with Australian Jewish Funders. With a passion for global development, Doron has volunteered in Samoa with Engineers Without Borders and worked in Mumbai with support from a New Colombo Plan scholar mobility grant.

In his spare time...

Doron is an avid traveller who finds enjoyment in differing environments and cultures. Doron can also be found on the soccer field or padel court.