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Emily Hull

Senior Consultant
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Emily is a Senior Consultant in Nous’ Perth office with recent experience working in matters of human services, health and community policing.

She has strong communication skills and is a creative problem-solver. She also has extensive experience in community engagement and is passionate about empowering women and First Nations Peoples.

Influential work

  • Supported a state police force plan and commence the first phase of implementing a new police services model, built on the pillars of community policing and crime prevention
  • Conducted extensive stakeholder engagement to determine the situation and status of culture and heritage in Australia, supporting the development of a culture and identity framework
  • Supported the development and delivery of a series of workshops designed to determine the strategic future of a federal government agency, develop a high-performance culture and engage staff with the change process
  • Supported the design and delivery of a workshop aimed at helping a state government division document their approach to producing regional water strategies
  • Supported the development of a workshop designed to build team communication and collaboration.

Outside of Nous

Outside of Nous, Emily has worked in academia and research. She holds a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales and is currently studying a Master of Midwifery.

In her spare time...

Outside of work Emily enjoys pottery, camping and bushwalking. She also loves to travel and has worked on archaeological digs in Germany, Australia and Malaysia.


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