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Erika Tait

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Erika has experience in public health, hospital leadership and working as a clinician.

She uses evidence-based and analytic approaches to deliver excellent outcomes to clients and stakeholders. Her experience includes developing technology-based solutions to health services provider metric recording and patient care, organisational cultural change, hospital policy revision and education programs.

Influential work

  • Implemented a provider metric recording system that increased revenue
  • Oversaw a committee that wrote and revised hospital policy
  • Worked on the implementation of a telemedicine program in an emergency department to decrease patient wait times
  • Led a patient care improvement project to better identify and treat opioid use disorder
  • Assisted a team to design and implement a physician assistant fellowship program.

Outside of Nous

Erika worked as a physician assistant in a hospital emergency department in the USA. She was Lead Advanced Practice Provider in the department, mentoring, scheduling, and advocating for the physician assistants and nurse practitioners. In this role, she served on various hospital committees, worked on revisions and improvements to advanced provider practice, was a liaison to other hospital leadership, and led numerous quality improvement projects. She also has worked for a not-for-profit organisation, writing grants and developing programs that provided nutrition and urban farming education.

Erika holds a Master of Public Health and a Master of Medical Science from Arcadia University and a Bachelor of Chemistry from the University of Virginia.

In her spare time...

Erika loves staying active and can be found surfing, snorkelling, diving, running, playing soccer, skiing or hiking with her 50 kg Bernese Mountain dog. She also enjoys cooking and travelling.

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