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Estella Xia

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Estella is a Graduate Consultant who recently completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience (wildlife conservation and management) at the University of Sydney.

She is proactive and enthusiastic and has a proven ability to excel in diverse collaborative work environments. Estella has worked in a wide range of settings from scientific research to youth wellbeing, where she has developed a passion for problem-solving, sustainability and improving social welfare.

Influential work

  • Advanced understanding of native stingless bees’ behavioural ecology in support of their commercial prospect as alternative pollinators by producing a five-year genetic dataset to track species changes.
  • Assessed urban landscape to increase capture rates of brushtail possums and collection of animal behavioural data, contributing to improved pest management.
  • Identified the demographics of kangaroos involved in motor vehicle accidents in peri-urban landscapes, recommending a shift from static to dynamic road signs to increase road awareness and improve human safety and animal welfare.
  • Led a trial youth wellbeing camp for children in foster care at an animal sanctuary, working in conjunction with a social worker and sanctuary owners to recommend improvements.
  • Supported the care and recovery of multiple native animals at an Australian wildlife park and gave informative talks to visitors to foster an appreciation for wildlife and sustainability.

Outside of Nous

Outside of Nous, Estella has a strong passion for sustainability and animal welfare. She has undertaken placements at multiple animal research facilities. Her Honours project at university involved researching native bees in support of their use as alternative pollinators to honeybees in the agriculture industry. More informally, she has enjoyed her time in animal-focused volunteering and foster caring.

In her spare time...

Estella enjoys horror movies, board games, hikes, going to the beach, social dinners and rainy days.


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