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Gino Lu

Senior Consultant
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Influential work

  • Assisted in the development of an economic model to measure the economic contribution of international students across Australia through extensive web-scraping, data analysis of national databases and the creation of probability models
  • Contributed to the development of the evaluation framework to access the macro level outcomes of the White Paper on Developing Northern Australia
  • Worked with a national healthcare provider to develop an economic model to articulate the economic value of their services nationwide to state and federal governments
  • Co-led a review and update of the five-year strategic plan of the Canberra branch of a national not-or-profit organisation.

Outside of Nous

Gino was vice-president of the Australian National University (ANU) branch of 180 Degrees Consulting. In this role he delivered training to the 180 consultants in the 180 methodology and oversaw all deliverables. Gino has experience in computational mathematics and has applied it to areas such as climate modelling and finance. He has also taught a variety of courses at ANU, including several on mathematical and scientific computing.

Gino holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from ANU and is currently pursuing a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the same institution.


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