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Harriet McDougall

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Harriet is a human-centred designer, strategist, visual thinker and design leader with 10 years’ experience leading design projects in government services, social justice and the private sector.

A passionate collaborator and natural relationship-builder, she believes in the power of design to drive change through working systemically, bridging organisational divides and building empathy. She thrives in complex environments, managing diverse expectations and balancing multiple stakeholders’ needs sensitively to reach impactful outcomes. She has a knack for making the abstract tangible and a talent for seeing the big picture and bringing it down to earth.

Influential work

  • Designed a new, inclusive strategy and service model to help a national mental health provider improve access and relevance for disengaged communities
  • Co-designed safety interventions for in-home carers with carers, families, communities and employers with a Victorian Government agency
  • Co-designed and delivered a web-app to support young people presenting to their general practitioner for mental health concerns for the first time
  • Evaluated and re-designed NDIS offerings with a community mental health service and its clients
  • Defined student belonging and inclusion with First Nations Students at one of Australia’s top universities.

Outside of Nous

Harriet is an accomplished illustrator, visual thinker and graphic recorder. She has completed commissions for Royal College of Art, Harper Collins, JP Morgan, Service Design Hong Kong, UX Australia and more. Harriet also works as a mental health counsellor, volunteering with young people at Headspace centres and advocating for mental health awareness.

Harriet has co-authored research articles on the intersection of emerging technology and human-centred design with Melbourne School of Engineering, as well as had research articles into lived experience of domestic & family violence published by The Guardian, UK. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Design) from Goldsmiths University, London and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Cairnmillar Institute, Melbourne.

In her spare time...

Harriet loves to write and illustrate stories and can often be found chipping away at her latest graphic short story. She also loves to hike, foster animals and give homemade tattoos.

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