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Ian Jansen

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Ian is a digital strategy and transformation adviser with more than 20 years of technology and business experience.

With a focus on the customer, his expertise cuts across the public and private sector. Ian has held Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer roles, has practical experience in leading transformation and was responsible for some of the first public cloud transformations in Australia. 

Influential work

  • Reset the way the public sector designs and builds software, using a product mindset  
  • Created and implemented public cloud transformations, including new operating models that support modernised IT and digital organisations  
  • Created digital strategies across the private sector, government, education and aged care and disability providers  
  • Delivered many high-profile programs and projects  
  • Was an early advocate, adopter and practitioner in automation. 

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous Ian founded an automation business leveraging Australian technology. He has also held advisory roles in the disability and aged care sectors and been an advocate for regional Australia and bridging the digital divide. 

In his spare time...

Ian enjoys regional Australia and has run small cattle and sheep properties. He also entertains more than a passing interest in ag-tech, home automation and the internet-of-things. 

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