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Isabella Della Cioppa

Executive & Project Assistant
Isabella is an enthusiastic and personable team member who seeks to contribute, support and make a difference.

With a track record in management and training roles, she can streamline processes and maximise efficiency across private, government and not-for-profit organisations. She has developed, implemented and communicated process improvements to deliver outcomes.

Influential work

  • Undertook enterprise procedures, scheduling, transactions and communications
  • Considered an organisation's mission and goals when undertaking business operations, planning and financial considerations
  • Managed teams and trained staff across an array of industries and locations, taking a hands-on approach
  • Implemented systems and led training and project delivery to improve business productivity.

Outside of Nous

Seeking out challenges, Isabella has travelled and worked across Australia. Developing skills in organisational management, internal communications and cross-department processes, she has produced valuable and scalable outcomes.

In her spare time...

Isabella enjoys mentoring and supporting young women on their professional journeys. She is always in search of a new adventure and unafraid of a challenge.

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