Jaime Walsh

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Jaime is an experienced researcher and project manager with a background in qualitative research.

She utilises creative tools to generate useful insights from consultations. Jaime has experience working with the governments to develop strategy and evidence-based systems that  work for the end user.

Influential work

  • Worked with a government agency to define emerging workforce and skill needs and set priorities for post-school education and training to improve outcomes for industry, education providers and learners
  • Utilised user-centred design to develop an integrated service and operating model for a new multi-jurisdictional court in Australia
  • Undertook a year-long evaluation of a pilot court program focused on proactive ways to address the underlying causes of offending behaviour
  • Developed a sector-wide training plan with a lead emergency management agency
  • Developed a business case for output funding to operate a new law court development to be presented in the annual budget process.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Jaime worked with a start-up teaching entrepreneurship in schools. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Global Challenges) with Honours from Monash University. Jaime is also involved in emergency management and has volunteered with Australian response and recovery agencies.

In her spare time...

Jaime likes hiking, camping and trialling new recipes. She also enjoys skiing (originally water, now also snow).