Jake Allan

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Jake is experienced in developing strategy and customer-driven digital solutions for clients in the private and government sectors.

He combines knowledge of human-centred design and user experience design with analytical and creative skills to deliver complex projects. Prior to Nous, Jake’s passion to solve problems led him to co-found a company that developed a digitally enabled solution to create a better client experience and make processes more efficient in the legal sector.

Influential work

  • Co-founded and led a team of three to create in just 13 weeks a scalable, technology-enabled solution to enable disadvantaged people to resolve fines and infringements quickly, cutting local costs by 33 per cent, reducing service time by 70 per cent and increasing client satisfaction
  • Developed a customer-centric digital strategy for one of Australia’s largest mental health providers to deliver growth in new markets and defend against competitors
  • Developed the digital strategy for a leading Victorian TAFE to support its strategic objectives, involving envisioning the ideal experience with students, teachers, industry, executives and corporate staff, and developing a targeted roadmap of initiatives to meet current and future expectations and increase productivity
  • Led the strategy for and implementation of improved usability of three intranet sites (totalling over 500 pages) for a complex Australian Government department
  • Created a new engagement and communications strategy (co-designed with a client team of six staff in a three-week agile sprint) for an Australian Government department with about 25,000 staff.

Outside of Nous

Jake founded and led a digital agency that worked with high-profile people and organisations to leverage their social media profile. Following this he developed frontier patented technologies in the social media and payments industries. Jake is an influential voice on the steering committee for StreamlineFines, a government-backed social venture he co-founded to quickly resolve fines and infringements.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Business, with a major in entrepreneurship and minor in finance, from RMIT University. He received the School of Management Prize, the Paul Rogash award and two RMIT Fastrack Innovation awards. Jake has also completed a user experience (UX) design course.

In his spare time...

Jake enjoys adventures, challenging himself and making a difference. He has a passion for art, the outdoors and connecting with great people.