Jesse Mo

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Jesse has more than three years of consulting experience in government and financial services.

He brings a deep understanding of strategy, operations, risk, compliance, and financial and economic analysis. He combines rigorous analytical and technical skills with an ability to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders to drive results and long-term impact.

Influential Work

  • Developed a methodology and economic model that used data inputs to estimate biodiversity credits demand for a state government department
  • Performed quantitative data analysis and consulted for a state department to assess the impact of planning reforms and identify opportunities to improve customer experience
  • Conducted an economic evaluation of Rounds One and Two of the Stronger Country Communities Fund using an innovative sampling approach and selected projects cost-benefit analysis
  • Researched key environmental, social and governance (ESG) trends in financial services as preparation for an ESG strategic alignment workshop for the board and executive of a mutual bank
  • Examined a ‘big four’ bank’s lending, brokerage, and financial crime operations; focusing on understanding process risks, assessing existing controls’ effectiveness, and identifying gaps.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Jesse was a consultant in EY’s Business Consulting (Financial Services) division, working primarily on banking and insurance projects. During university, he also worked part time as a venture capital analyst, focusing on due diligence and valuations of technology start-ups; and held internships in consulting, private equity and investment banking.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (finance) from the University of Sydney.

In his spare time...

Jesse is a big football fan and loves to wake up at odd hours of the night to watch his team (Chelsea F.C.).