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Jonathan Grant

Senior Adviser
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Jonathan’s research interests are in biomedical and health research and development (R&D) policy, research impact assessment, the use of research and evidence in policy and decision-making, and the social purpose of universities in the 21st century.

He is passionate about combining creative thinking and in-depth analysis with challenging assumptions and orthodoxies, generating new insights and stimulating productive debate.  Jonathan has significant international experience, having helped formulate and implement R&D and other strategies in the UK, Greece, Norway, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Influential work

  • ‘Held the pen’ on King’s College London’s, Vision 2029 and oversaw the implementation of Service as the third pillar of the academic mission to be ranked 9th in THE impact rankings
  • FoundedKing’s Policy Institute, an innovative unit that focuses on the translation of academic research into policy impacts
  • Contributed to bringing antimicrobial resistance into focus through The Drug’s Don’t Work, a jointly authored book with the UK Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies
  • Advised on the assessment of research impact as part of the UK’s Research Excellence Framework, involving a formative evaluation and synthesis of the c7000 impact case studies
  • Provided analytical support to the development and implementation of the UK’s Department of Health’s Best Research for Best Health
  • Authored The New Power University. The social purpose of higher education in the 21st century, to be published by Pearson.

Outside of Nous

Jonathan has held several roles at King’s College London, including vice-president, vice-principal (service), associate principal (strategy) and director of the Policy Institute. He has also been president of RAND Europe, head of policy at Wellcome Trust and a trustee at Fight for Sight.

Jonathan holds a PhD in medicine from King’s College London and a BsC in Economics from London School of Economics.

In his spare time...

Jonathan enjoys being with his family, spending time in Spain, watching sport (and fishing when he finds the time!).

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