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Julian Tagell

Senior Consultant
Julian has a passion for deconstructing complex data-processes and transitioning towards more automated and less error-prone solutions.

He enjoys the variety of working with different people and datasets and has a strong appreciation for the sensitivity involved in analysis and consultation. Julian also has strong experience in visualising complex datasets in an intuitive and understandable manner, collaborating to understand how business operations are reflected in data, and introducing businesses to the latest data-related solutions.

Influential work

  • Developed a financial reporting (PowerBI) dashboard for an international construction company
  • Assisted an ASX-listed health app company in its initial deployment of the analytics platform Tableau
  • Assisted a chain of chiropractic practices in creating an intricate practitioner/client performance-monitoring dashboard in Tableau
  • Prepared and delivered an introduction to R programming training workshop
  • Assisted with data analysis tasks in several commercial scientific studies, including the ASPREE study of aspirin and health in older adults, a study of river erosion, a study of environmental impact on bats and a study of working conditions in a Bangladesh factory.

Outside of Nous

Julian previously worked as a youth worker at The Lighthouse Foundation. He holds several qualifications: a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University, Graduate Diplomas in Analytics (RMIT) and Psychology (Queensland University of Technology), and qualifications as a Tableau Desktop Certified Associate and in Power BI 70-778.

In his spare time...

Julian enjoys yoga, bike-riding and bushwalking.


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