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Julie Toth

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Julie has three decades of experience in Australian economic policy and research, working flexibly and seamlessly across the public, private, not-for-profit and academic sectors.

She previously held senior policy roles at the Australian Industry Group, ANZ Bank, the Productivity Commission and other Australian Government agencies. Julie has deep knowledge and experience working directly with businesses, industries, professionals and trade groups.

Influential work

  • Provided expert evidence and documentation about the effect of COVID-19 on Australian businesses and industry – including effects on customer demand, workforce, supply chains, input costs and operational costs – for government agencies
  • Provided expert advice and evidence about the scope and incidence of casual work in Australian workplaces, greatly assisting government and High Court decisions about defining and refining casual work arrangements
  • Assisted a defence industry multinational to identify and select locations and workforce solutions in Australia for new and expanding defence manufacturing and R&D facilities
  • Represented and facilitated Australian businesses and industry in government hearings, legal proceedings and consultation processes
  • Conducted triple bottom line financial risk assessments for major project proposals by private companies and public-private consortia.

Outside of Nous

Julie has an ongoing involvement in several organisations. To advance public policy, she is a member of the National Export Policy Panel of the Economic Society of Australia, and also a member of the Melbourne Economic Forum, convened by the University of Melbourne and Victoria University. Julie is also an advisory board member of Swinburne University’s Centre for Transformative Innovation and a member of AMES Australia’s corporate leaders’ network.

Julie was previously an Adjunct Professor of Economics at Deakin University and served on the advisory board of the university’s Department of Economics. Julie is a regular participant in surveys of economists conducted by The Conversation, and previously Fairfax Media. A study of 20 years of survey data found her forecasts were the most accurate of all participants.

In her spare time...

In Melbourne Julie likes to support Australia's amazing arts community, including visual arts, living crafts, live music and theatre performance. Outside Melbourne she spends time in mountain regions and national parks.

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