Kai Sheng Keng

Senior Consultant
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Kai Sheng has more than four years of experience building meaningful client and customer relationships.

His diverse experience in consulting, research, customer service and mentoring has developed his interpersonal and analytical skills, which he uses to solve complex problems. His educational background in engineering and economics has also provided him with strong quantitative and qualitative analysis skills.

Influential work

  • Assisted a telecommunications company to acquire four million users for its lifestyle mobile application by implementing a strategy that focuses on rewarding users through retail partnerships
  • Designed, fabricated and tested a world-leading biomedical device in a project across three departments in Monash University and the University of Melbourne, with the research later published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal
  • Pioneered and developed the research collaborative capability and relationship between a university’s computer science department and biomedical research institute.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Kai Sheng gained more than three years of work experience in the telecommunication industry working for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. He has also worked at Accenture as a consulting intern for a telecommunication related project. Kai was also a Biomed Vic UROP Scholar and worked at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute.

Kai Sheng holds a Master of Applied Economics and Econometrics and a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) from Monash University. Throughout his studies, Kai Sheng volunteered at several not-for-profit organisations including at St John Ambulance as a paramedic and at Future Foundations as a creative mentor that helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop artistic and personal skills.

In his spare time...

Kai Sheng is a keen learner, outdoor enthusiast and photographer. He enjoys travelling, camping, the beach during summer and sharing his love for food with others through baking and cooking.


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