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Kathryn Finnerty

Executive & Project Assistant
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Kathryn is a highly motivated, delivery and results driven executive and project assistant with experience in a variety of business environments, including government, financial services, engineering, water and infrastructure, property, stock control, purchasing, and health consulting services.

Kathryn has a strong work ethic with a commitment to service delivery and excellence.

Influential work

  • Guiding stakeholder management, admin functions and meeting scheduling for the transformation of one of Australia’s largest not-for-profits
  • Supporting the stakeholder management in the review of operating models and implementation of change management plans for various clients
  • Delivering logistical and administrative support, scheduling stakeholder consultation and key deliverables, including 1-on1s, workshops and focus groups
  • Maintaining and improving the efficiency and productivity of the Brisbane office.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Kathryn worked within EY’s assurance team, providing crucial project support. She also has experience delivering commercial and administration support to a water and infrastructure organisation and a commercial and residential property development group.

In her spare time...

I run a “cottage industry” where I create personalised weighted blankets for my grandson’s support group. Autistic children use the blankets as a calming ruse leading to less meltdowns and improved sleep.

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