Katy Bauer

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Katy brings a nuanced perspective on the education sector, with a background in public policy, business development and consulting.

Industry knowledge coupled with international experience allow her to see the bigger picture, putting on different lenses to understand a problem from multiple perspectives. She has a passion for challenging the status quo and grappling with tough questions. 

Influential work

  • Negotiated for a company in two government bids, securing access to £400 million of funding for training provision, including managing the process and company-wide communication for the project  
  • Managed a team of seven in a strategic market scan for a multinational education company, assessing more than 2,000 EdTech companies for potential fit given three strategic priorities  
  • Conceptualised new business opportunity for an EdTech startup through interviewing more than 20 stakeholders under tight timeline to map out use pain points and potential solutions, develop proof of concept and build a program skeleton for immediate deployment  
  • Developed an internationalisation strategy for an upcoming EdTech company, identifying six key markets across Europe and Asia through market analysis, research, and comparative advertising and situational modelling  
  • Designed, wrote and administered an inaugural Young Alumni Survey, distributing the survey to five years of recent alumni to assess university preparedness and transitional experiences, with over 60 per cent response rate. 

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Katy worked as a consultant supporting clients with strategic and operational decisions and providing commercial due diligence in education technology. At UK EdTech company FutureLearn she managed complex multi-stakeholder negotiations and drove partnership growth across higher education and via industry partnerships.  

Katy holds a Master of International Management from CEMS, a Master of Science in International Business from Ivey Business School and a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (Honours), from Arthur Kroeger College at Carleton University. She has lived and worked in Australia, Europe, Asia, and North America and is a fluent German speaker. 

Katy enjoys mentoring students at her alma matter via the Ivey Women in Management program and coaches aspiring consultants. 

In her spare time...

Katy enjoys running, hiking, cooking for friends, and exploring new restaurants. A dual Canadian-Australian citizen, she loves to visit friends around the world and her family on the west coast of Canada. 


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