Kelly Rowe

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Kelly has more than 15 years of experience working with the public sector as an adviser, international researcher and management consultant.

She is a purpose-driven leader who brings extensive experience working with the public sector on major whole-of-government and organisational strategies and transformations. She thrives on collaborating with her clients to support major change initiatives in sensitive and complex stakeholder environments and achieving positive outcomes. She has a keen interest in improving government services for end users and modernising the public service.

Influential work

  • Led a project with the Ontario Government to drive enterprise adoption of an enabling technological tool using human-centred design approaches
  • Led the review of a struggling higher education institution’s governance and operations and provided recommendations to undertake a transformation to improve services to students, internal processes and digital adoption
  • Led multiple streams of work on a broader public sector service excellence transformation program including developing and implementing plans to improve IT and facilities services, enterprise organizational design and labour relations strategies
  • Led the development of a modern leadership strategy and competency framework for one of Canada’s provincial governments
  • Led a large cross-functional team to assess a range of complex governance and service delivery scenarios for a regional government.

Outside of Nous

Kelly is a former government advisor who has worked in all three levels of government in Canada advising on a range of areas including large-scale infrastructure funding programs and social impact and public transit strategies. As an international researcher, Kelly published peer-reviewed research on political behavior and institutions across OECD countries. She now spends her spare time thinking about how we can improve the public sector by learning best practices from other countries.

In her spare time...

Kelly enjoys spending time outdoors (in three of Toronto’s four seasons) cycling and in Europe practicing her Spanish, Catalan and French.