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Kinza Malik

Senior Consultant
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Kinza is a versatile professional with work experiences in aerospace, environment, agriculture, government and education.

She has proven her leadership in numerous multidisciplinary teams. She brings strong analytical aptitude and technical capabilities in data analytics and machine learning. She is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a background in aerospace and mechanical engineering. She specializes in aerial robotics and entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and technology in engineering (ELITE).

Influential work

  • Designed a vertical take-off and fixed-wing flight transition mechanism for an unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Improved the efficiency of the final assembly workstation of the Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft by redesigning the employee management model and increasing visibility of repetitive non-conformance reports (NCRs)
  • Conducted market research and created an implementation plan of sustainable revenue generation strategies for a not-for-profit organization
  • Led a team of graduate students to assess the short-term economic outlook of the Canadian banking and telecommunications industries post COVID-19 for PwC Canada
  • Co-organized interdisciplinary science competitions, medical science workshops and assisted in developing the Youth Science Innovate Program (YSIP) for TeamUP Science, a student organization providing hands-on learning, mentorship and networking for Alberta youth.

Outside of Nous

Kinza recently completed her Master of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto with emphases on aerial robotics and on entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and technology in engineering (ELITE).

Prior to Nous, she interned for the Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton and Office of the Dean at the University of Alberta. Her most recent internship was with Collins Aerospace, where she created and tested a standardized shock strut in Visual Basic for use in dynamic analysis of landing gear performance.

Interested in data analytics and machine learning, Kinza hopes to build upon her foundational knowledge alongside work. At Nous, Kinza is using her technical capabilities and strong analytical aptitude to solve problems, drive change and make a meaningful impact.

In her spare time...

Kinza lives an active lifestyle consisting of daily runs, yoga and weight training. She loves to explore places and try new restaurants and cafes.

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