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Leo Vance

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Leo has more than 10 years of experience as a high-performing public servant with the Australian and state/territory governments.

He applies strong economic frameworks and a strategic policy lens to inform advice, analysis and research, and builds strong long-term relationships with clients and stakeholders. He has shaped policy in central and line agencies and delivered many significant projects. He brings experience in policy, research and economic analysis.

Influential work

  • Managed the development of an infrastructure jobs calculator for the Australian Government in partnership with a consultancy
  • Delivered influential advice to shape reforms to parenting payments in the 2011 budget, helping to ensure that the reforms supported increased workforce participation by reducing effective marginal tax rates
  • Led research on the drivers of urban and regional population growth for the “Planning for Australia’s Future Population” report, identifying the key role of the mining boom and bust in driving short-term population growth patterns
  • Conceived and co-authored a journal article decomposing the wage-profit share in Australia, confirming that a notable critique of Thomas Piketty’s work is valid in Australia
  • Authored and delivered the evaluation report on the online job seeker classification instrument in 2021.

Outside of Nous

Leo worked in the Australian public service, where he gained experience in policy development, economic analysis, strategic research and evaluations. At Treasury he worked on education, labour markets and immigration policy. He also worked for the Department of Employment in strategic policy and workplace relations roles, delivering several government submissions to the Fair Work Commission.

At the Department of Infrastructure, Leo worked with stakeholders developing policy options to increase use of recycled materials in road construction. Leo has also worked for the Queensland and ACT Governments across infrastructure and social policy issues.

Leo holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours Class I) from the University of Queensland, with Arts majors in governance and public policy, and history.

In his spare time...

Leo is studying part-time for a Bachelor of Classical Studies at the ANU. In his spare time he is usually found reading, playing enthusiastic social tennis or at the movies.

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