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Liam Stephenson

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Liam enjoys combining analytical reasoning and data-based research with a structured communication style to resolve client problems.

Before joining Nous, he worked in materials research in areas ranging from mineral resources to defence in Australia and Abroad. He has a double bachelor’s degree (Honours) in engineering from the University of New South Wales and was awarded the University Medal.

Influential work

  • Supported the development and testing of an explosive formulation for domestic manufacture in collaboration with industry
  • Co-authored two articles on the effect of different 3D printing methods on titanium alloys in collaboration with American and Australian universities
  • Developed new chemicals for improving mineral recovery yields.
  • Investigated the effects of nickel doping in catalytic thin films to improve extraction of hydrogen from water.

Outside of Nous

During his time completing a double engineering degree at the University of New South Wales, Liam conducted materials research in job placements to the US and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Melbourne. From there, he secured a full-time position at Defence Science and Technology Group through their competitive cadetship program, where he conducted energetics research as a Defence scientist in support of the Australian Defence Force.

Liam holds a Master of Commerce (economics), a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours in economics) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours in environmental engineering) from the University of Melbourne.

In his spare time...

Liam enjoys a variety of hobbies, including salsa dancing, scuba diving and mountain biking. He spends his time on European sword-fighting, Filipino Kali, and doing fun weekend activities.


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