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Liano Liu

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Liano Liu is an industrial engineer with expertise in operations and organisational design.

He has worked in a variety of industries such as utilities and supply chain. 

Influential work

  • Developed internal onboarding and resource documentation for a client  
  • Aided a workforce management client to develop a better method for forecasting data  
  • Worked with clients to design and develop warehouses and distribution centres.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Liano worked with several companies during his time as an industrial engineering student at the University of Toronto. He has worked with a utilities company in Toronto and a supply chain consulting firm based out of Montreal. 

Liano holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (industrial engineering) from the University of Toronto. 

In his spare time...

Liano enjoys playing golf and basketball. He also enjoys playing a variety of video games and poker. 


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