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Lisa Zhang

Executive & Project Assistant
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Lisa comes from a strong administration background, with experience in the music, education, printing, publishing and IT industries. She is passionate about connecting with people and working collaboratively to achieve creative and exceptional results.

With experience in hybrid roles, Lisa brings a wide range of cross-disciplinary skills and an academic background in English Literature and Primary Education.

Influential work

  • Created an onboarding process for new starters to boost staff engagement and retention, which was adopted as a new policy company wide
  • Led various stakeholders within the business through the Lean Six Sigma process to streamline all internal procedures and create an engaging and value-driven customer journey
  • Created and built a marketing funnel that was able to generate $250,000 of revenue within two weeks, far exceeding expectations.

Outside of Nous

Lisa previously worked at the DG Institute, assisting the Sales & Marketing Director with campaigns and projects. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (English) and a Bachelor of Primary Education from Macquarie University.

In her spare time...

You can find Lisa dabbling in her latest creative endeavour, which could range from watercolours to poetry – but first and foremost she is busy being a plant mum.

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