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Lucy Hubbard

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Lucy has a strong research background that allows her to assimilate and distill large amounts of complex information efficiently and effectively.

She is highly self-motivated and, having completed both her degrees during the COVID-19 pandemic, very adaptable. She received First Class Honours from the University of Oxford and has interned at the House of Commons, researching the impact of the Universal Credit uplift reversal; and with Scottish Football Association (FA), identifying positive sustainability initiatives. 

Influential work

  • Graduated from the University of Oxford with First Class Honours 
  • Worked as a Research Intern with a House of Commons Chief of Staff, researching the consequences of the Universal Credit uplift reversal and producing a report identifying issues and recommending alternative initiatives to mitigate the possible impact of policy change 
  • Worked on the Edinburgh University Student as Change Agents Programme in partnership with the Scottish FA, developing positive environmental change initiatives that are now being worked up for implementation 
  • Volunteered with charities in the UK and overseas and spent time in Central America volunteering on environmental, social and educational projects. 

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Lucy completed her Bachelor of Arts (history) at the University of Oxford, earning First Class Honours. She continued her studies in history at the University of Edinburgh, completing a Master of Science (by research) with a focus on concepts of adventure in Victorian girlhood.  

Lucy also completed an internship with the House of Commons, where she carried out largely independent research into the impact of the Universal Credit uplift reversal. She was an active member of the Edinburgh University Student as Change Agents Programme, working in conjunction with Scottish FA to develop sustainability initiatives, and has volunteering and fundraising experience in the UK and abroad. 

In her spare time...

Lucy enjoys anything and everything to do with history. She is a keen hillwalker and a knitting and sewing enthusiast. 


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