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Lynette Kotze

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Lynette solves complex business challenges through strategic analytical thinking.

She works with clients to understand business problems and identify value levers and constraints. She also uses advanced analytical tools to formulate and solve the business problem and then communicate logical insights and recommend practical actions. She is interested in implementing planning solutions to optimise across value chains, geographic locations and multiple stakeholder groups; and developing techno-economic models to optimally allocate capital and support decision-making to execute business strategies.

Influential work

  • Led development of a gas portfolio planning and optimisation system which is used to manage at LNG JV's $8 billion gas portfolio
  • Develop scale-up and divestment strategy for a multi-billion-dollar commercial shale-to-liquids project using novel technology
  • Implemented a value chain optimisation model for a large integrated oil and gas company, integrating conventional and coal to liquids/gas to liquids refineries, petrochemicals, surfactants, agriculture and explosive industries
  • Developed a discrete event supply chain model to provide the design basis for bulk liquids export terminal expansion and optimised the re-allocation of storage tanks across multiple export terminals
  • Developed a fuel import infrastructure model to maximise fuel imports to inland cities in South African during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Outside of Nous

Before Joining Nous, Lynette stood up an operation research function in an oil and gas company and lead the supply chain and infrastructure modelling team that delivered novel analytical solutions to complicated business challenges. The team achieved international recognition, including as 2010 finalist in the Franz Edelman competition for Achievement in operation research and the 2011 INFORMS international award for its outstanding and widespread use of operation research throughout the company.

Lynette was an active committee member on Queensland Resources Council's Regulatory Committee.

In her spare time...

Lynette stays active through playing hockey and taking her dog on trail runs. She is a keen gardener, growing natives to provide food for her stingless bees and attract butterfly species.

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