Mark Hamameh

BI & Data Engineer
Mark has over 13 years’ experience in IT with extensive knowledge in SQL Server best practice, performance tuning, SQL Server internals, implementation, administration, maintenance and monitoring of enterprise infrastructure systems relating to application and data warehouse stacks.

Mark has expertise in analysis, troubleshooting and optimisation of SQL Server systems and brings strong capability in leading database administrators and data engineers.

Influential work

  • Managed data engineers, business intelligence (BI) developers and database administrators through a range of projects and departments such as supply chain, logistics, human resources, compliance and marketing
  • Managed the introduction of change management control to all departmental BI stack solutions, bug fixes and enhancements, resulting in stabilised solution deployment, rollback, audit-ability and reduced business downtime
  • Managed the mitigation of data warehouse performance issues, resulting in reduced nightly processes duration, reduced failures and improving data access reliability
  • Co-managed implementation and roll-out of Power BI while supporting business adoption, best practice and tenant configuration
  • Supported various departments such as payroll, finance, pricing, IT and security; and assisted with ad-hoc SQL queries, best-practice assistance, query troubleshooting, on-premises and cloud systems and cloud native services.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous Mark has managed teams, consulted at various companies, and worked within teams or autonomously to support and maintain enterprise SQL database environments and data warehouses. He has proven experience in ensuring project deadlines are met on time and to scope, maintaining suitable performance metrics and adherence to required service levels.

Mark holds an Advanced Diploma of Business from Chisholm Institute. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and ITL v3 Certified.

In his spare time...

Mark spends time outdoors with family and friends. He has lived in the UK and enjoyed travelling Europe, Egypt, South-East Asia and America. He hopes to continue to prioritise travel.