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Mateja Hawley

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Mateja has extensive experience managing complex analytical and digital projects, often characterised by comprehensive stakeholder engagement, in the government, education, utilities, health and resources sectors.

Mateja has a passion for bridging a gap between technology and organisational performance, using her background in both computer engineering and technology and innovation management. With a keen interest in backing decision making with analytical rigour, Mateja strives to provide highly implementable solutions that bring about positive change.

Influential work

  • Managed and chaired various sourcing programs, including for ICT systems critical for patient safety, in Queensland’s largest hospital and health service
  • Conducted reviews of various ICT systems across all state government departments, universities and utility providers
  • Project-managed development of an entirely quantitative evaluation framework for understanding the impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme on a statewide health service
  • Managed development of a training supply-and-demand model for a railway operator for use for strategic planning
  • Managed functional and department-specific operating model reviews, including for a local council, a university and several government departments.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Mateja was a senior procurement and supply chain consultant at Infosys Portland, specialising in complex IT procurement. She also held several research and analysis roles in innovation management and solution development. She holds a Master of Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Queensland, and both a Bachelor and Master of Science in Computing from the University of Zagreb.

In her spare time

Mateja loves to gather new experiences through traveling, hiking in nature and discovering new foods.

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