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Meredith Wen

Executive & Project Assistant
Meredith’s career has spanned two decades across East and Southeast Asia.

She has a decade of experience managing Greater China-related corporate investigations, due diligence, risk mitigation and business intelligence. Separately, Meredith has pursued her passion for wellness, teaching yoga-inspired movement workshops, classes, and trainings in Yangshuo, Beijing and Bangkok. 

Influential work

  • Undertook internal investigation into allegations of embezzlement and conflicts of interest within manufacturing arm of European-HK apparel company, including identifying multiple shell companies and points of misappropriation and fraud by local executives 
  • Created a 54-country report on education trends and areas of private and public investment on behalf of a government organisation 
  • Completed reputational due diligence on a SE Asian tycoon with business interests in Indonesia and Taiwan, identifying history of questionable investments and accusations of money laundering. 

Outside of Nous

Meredith has volunteered as a lacrosse coach for the Beijing and Shanghai women's teams. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (political science and East Asian studies) from Haverford College. 

In her spare time...

Meredith is an avid rock climber and yogi. She enjoys gardening, cooking and playing classical piano and is trying to pick a winter sport to get her through Ontario's winter months. 

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