Nadia Islam

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Nadia’s expertise is in the field of healthcare and international management.

She has completed a Master of International Management at King’s College London, where she focused her thesis on human rights and corporate social responsibility.

Influential work

  • Conducted invasive and non-invasive procedures within clinical settings to promote patient-centred care in one of the largest healthcare trusts nationwide
  • Devised insights on sustainable development in Hong Kong, enabling an active role in advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Managed and facilitated multiple virtual and in-person conferences for a local women led Sports Association, and collaborated with FIFA to develop numerous workshops to promote more women in sports
  • Is currently a local governor for East London NHS Foundation Trust, enabling her to act as conduit between hospital management, local communities and the public
  • Volunteered with multiple charities both nationally and internationally, concerning projects bridging the gap in education.

Outside of Nous

Nadia has recently completed her MSc in International Management at King’s College London. Throughout her role in her master’s Nadia was involved in various consulting projects while actively promoting the inclusion of more females in business. She also holds a BSc in Children’s Nursing from City University of London.

Nadia has held voluntary and paid roles implementing healthcare equality outcomes. She has represented the interest of members of the NHS foundation trust and the public through various seminars and conferences.

While at university Nadia worked as a widening participation ambassador, assisting at higher education fairs and events in offering young people more information on higher education and increasing the number entering higher education and the proportion from under-represented groups.

In her spare time...

Nadia enjoys travelling to different parts of the world, experiencing the history and culture of different places. She also enjoys getting out of her comfort zone and trying new things.