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Neil Gonsalvez

Neil has over a decade of strategy and transformation experience across Australia, the UK and Africa, including in top-tier consultancy, in-house strategy and a start-up.

He is passionate about using strategy to create transformative and lasting impact for clients and society, not just providing incisive reports. Neil brings experience in international development, education, health, infrastructure, utilities and consumer industries.

Influential work

  • Led geographic and functional executives in transforming community development programs affecting two million people to significantly deepen impact while reducing costs by 30 per cent
  • Led diligence, design and integration of a mid-sized NGO merger, strengthening impact, influence, fundraising and sustainability across five countries and transitioning 950 staff
  • Reviewed and redesigned a 140-person education department business unit to strengthen service provision and sustainability
  • Led a strategy refresh and planning and performance transformation in a large charity, accelerating underlying income growth from zero to 15 per cent in a flat market
  • Resolved a distributor boycott and program-threatening issues on a large sales and distribution transformation program for a leading Australian consumer goods company, unblocking benefits realisation on a multi-billion-dollar acquisition.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Neil led an NGO strategy consultancy, advising global and national clients across international secretariat, fundraising and program operations. He also led strategy at World Vision UK and has consulted with Deloitte and other leading consultancies in Australia and the UK.

In his spare time...

Neil enjoys time with his wife and being a kid again with their three young children. He loves audiobooks, Formula 1 and premier league football.

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