Peter Green


Peter Green headshot
Peter has more than seven years of experience working with leadership to set direction, build capability, and create the culture to drive organisational performance.
Peter combines his experience in organisational design, revenue generation, and cost reduction with human behaviour, capability uplift, and change management. He has a passion for work in culture change, EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion), and capability and learning. Peter speaks English and French.

Influential Work

  • Developed a multi-year transformation roadmap for a university with a structural deficit, then partnered with it to co-deliver change
  • Conducted an operational review for an insolvent university and gave its creditors the confidence the university could transform to repay its loans
  • Redeveloped a mission and market-driven value proposition for a bilingual institution with prolonged declining revenues
  • Developed a major university’s international student financing strategy
  • Advised a major museum’s 10-year strategy and business model for international exhibition touring.

Outside of Nous

To support his MBA and MA degrees at York University, Peter advised leaders at museums, auction houses, commercial galleries and non-profits. He offered advisory services in marketing, strategic planning, technology and organizational design. Prior to consulting, Peter was a gallery manager. He also achieved BA and BSc honours degrees from Queen’s University.

In his spare time...

Peter enjoys rec league sports, skiing, camping, canoeing, and enjoying a pint with friends. He’s a passionate traveller with a particular fondness for North Africa and the Middle East.