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Peter Green

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Peter has more than five years’ experience offering advisory services in education, culture, and social services.

He has diverse skill sets including strategic planning, transformation & implementation, market research and organizational design. He also speaks French fluently.

Influential Work

  • Served as Project Lead for an engagement with a major Canadian university seeking to develop profitable new degree programs
  • Researched and developed the foundations of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s 10-year strategy and business model for international exhibition touring
  • Conducted an eight-month comprehensive strategic analysis for a centuries-old auction house
  • As Gallery Manager at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, project-managed 34 exhibitions, increased attendance by 30% over the previous year, and supported a 7% revenue increase
  • As part of award-winning graduate research, produced a strategic proposal for an Indigenous-led business that leveraged new Arctic telecommunications infrastructure to restructure Arctic supply chains connecting Inuit entrepreneurs and southern consumers.

Outside of Nous

To fund his MBA and MA graduate degrees at York University, Peter ran his own consulting practice. As a scrappy entrepreneur, he carved out a niche in the cultural sector, working with museums, auction houses, commercial galleries, not-for-profit organizations, and private collectors. He gained experience offering advisory services in marketing, strategic planning, technology and organizational design. Later joining York Consulting Group, Peter gained experience working with clients in education. Previously, Peter served as Gallery Manager at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art.

Peter also holds a Bachelor of Arts (art history) and a Bachelor of Science (evolutionary biology and molecular genetics) from Queen’s University. He also co-founded the Schulich Pride Alliance.

In his spare time...

You’ll often find Peter skiing, camping, canoeing or on a patio with friends. He’s a passionate traveller with a particular fondness for North Africa and the Middle East.

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