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Puneet Syal

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Puneet is a skilled design leader with nearly two decades of experience driving meaningful change across a diverse array of businesses and organisations.

He uses human-centred thinking to solve complex digital, organisational, and business challenges and has a proven track record of success. Puneet's expertise spans consumer goods, public services, financial services and technology products. He has instilled the human-centred approach across organisations of wide-ranging scales, exemplifying his core values of excellence, change leadership and the strength of teamwork and inclusion.

Influential work

  • Spearheaded a team that transformed how a financial services organisation delivered across customer touchpoints by adopting a human-centred mindset, resulting in superior services provided and driving elevated customer experience and organisational success.
  • Translated and visualised the strategy-to-execution framework for departments and agencies within the Australian Government, placing a strong emphasis on enabling teams to achieve their goals during the transformation, resulting in successful execution and positive outcomes
  • Crafted a compelling vision for the digitisation of more than 400 transactional workflows to support a transformation initiative, resulting in a more seamless and efficient workflow.

Outside of Nous

Puneet actively engages with his extensive network from previous roles in financial services and e-commerce, providing design guidance and consulting to support startups and new product initiatives. He also shares his expertise by teaching design classes at the University of Canberra. In his prior role as a Product Design Manager at Octopus Deploy, he successfully spearheaded the initiative to build scaled experiences aligned with the company's business strategy.

Puneet holds a degree in industrial design with a specialisation in product design from the National Institute of Design, India.

In his spare time...

When not working, Puneet enjoys getting crafty with polymer clay, costume design, and exploring the Canberra grasslands through bushwalking and photography.

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