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Quang Banh

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Quang is a Graduate Consultant with an interdisciplinary background spanning the physical sciences and social sciences with forays into engineering, aviation and social work.

He has a genuine passion for listening, learning and delivering meaningful and holistic outcomes. 

Influential work

  • Drafted a disaster resilience report that was presented to the federal minister  
  • Organised, facilitated and drafted a review of a local council's youth policy  
  • Prepared a research project canvassing the merits of a novel transportation solution for a parliamentarian. 

Outside of Nous

Throughout University Quang has been an advocate for upward mobility, which has seen him work alongside a variety of decision makers, youth bodies and social organisations. He has experience delivering to a discerning audience.  

 Quang holds a Bachelor of Science (physics) from the University of South Australia and a  Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (politics or political science) from the University of Adelaide. 

In his spare time...

Quang enjoys meeting new people and developing new perspectives. He is regularly seen out in the community or reading. For a lighter experience, he enjoys cycling around town. 


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