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Quang Banh

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Quang is an experienced adviser who draws from a rich interdisciplinary background in economics, physics and data.

He brings almost a decade of experience closely engaging with stakeholders including young and culturally diverse people, and combines this with a passion for data-driven insights. Quang listens and learns to deliver holistic outcomes for all stakeholders.

Influential work

  • Led the data analysis for bushfire recovery case studies by analysing social, economic and environmental metrics to synthesise key findings to inform on the progress, effectiveness, and efficiency of a multibillion-dollar bushfire fund
  • Supported the implementation of an evaluation framework for a program to support First Nations people by developing ethical and trauma-informed guidelines and collection methods
  • Produced a research paper that investigated the potential for novel transport technologies in Adelaide, which identified the precursors to an evaluation framework and considerations for full-cost accounting, liveability and urban development
  • Developed and operationalised a youth engagement policy that included conducting workshops, activities and interviews to better support and advocate for youth priorities and desires, including affordability, liveability and mobilities
  • Supported the planning, organisation and execution of two high-profile youth-centric events, including securing funding through careful and considered engagement and reporting to major stakeholders.

Outside of Nous

Quang keenly advocates for upward mobility and has worked with decision-makers, youth bodies and social organisations to further their goals, both in a consumer-facing role and in a strategic capacity. Quang holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) from the University of South Australia, a Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Politics) from the University of Adelaide, and certifications that allow him to fly aircraft and drive forklifts.

In his spare time...

Quang enjoys photography, meeting new people and developing new perspectives. Between the local book launches and talks he attends, he can be seen strapped with a camera roaming Canberra’s beautiful scenery.


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