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Ra Vivek

Senior Consultant
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Ra is a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry. With seven years of clinical practice, he brings a nuanced insight into the complex interplay of people and systems.

He is passionate about developing organisational capability, human-centred design and trauma-informed perspectives.

Influential Work

  • Provided clinical psychiatric care, including psychological interventions, complex risk assessments and managing multidisciplinary teams across broad settings such as emergency departments, inpatient units, community clinics and outreach services
  • Founded an innovative global health education program for 300 medical students, leading a team of 30 to develop curriculum, marketing, recruitment, evaluation and advocacy capabilities
  • Led the state-wide academic program for a psychiatric trainee association, including coordinating expert panels and guides
  • Managed a committee of 40 to develop events, advocacy campaigns and training of medical students in global health
  • Developed and implemented an online marketing strategy for a national mental health advocacy campaign.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Ra was a senior registrar at a tertiary metropolitan psychiatric inpatient service and complex care outreach team. He remains engaged with clinical practice as an honorary psychiatry trainee, as well as teaching and research in novel psychotherapies.

Ra holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University.

In his spare time...

Ra has a keen interest in camping, soccer, hockey and trying new recipes. He plays the trumpet and enjoys listening to live music, especially anything brass.

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