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Ramona Pupi

Executive & Project Assistant
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Ramona brings value and enthusiasm to every team she is a part of, including sales, customer success, human resources, executive, business operations and events.

She is a people person who is happy to chat with anyone and has worked in business coaching and consulting. Her smiling, positive and bubbly energy has previously earned her the title 'CEO – Chief Energy Officer', where she has got business leaders out of their seats and moving around to refocus during workshops.

Outside of Nous

Ramona was previously Client Experience Manager at a business coaching company for accounting and financial planning firms. This role involved being executive assistant to three business coaches and managing more than 45 customers. Each quarter Ramona organised one- and two-day workshops for customers and coordinate everyone to meet in one location, such as Hunter Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Barossa Valley, Noosa, Byron Bay. Ramona travelled all around Australia to have real personal conversations with customers at group dinners. She holds a Bachelor of Business from Griffith University.

In her spare time...

Ramona is a thrill seeker who loves challenging herself. She has gone indoor rockclimbing, on eight-hour rainforest hikes, kayaking with dolphins and swimming with humpback whales. Her next challenge will be skydiving.

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