Rassam Moshrefi

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Rassam is an economics consultant and researcher with extensive experience in business and academia.

He specialises in quantitative modelling in transportation economics, energy economics and financial analysis. Rassam is highly skilled in macroeconomic analysis, policy impact assessment, market forecasts and corporate financial analysis. He uses these skills to provide economic analysis, research and consulting services to industry managers, investors and policymakers. Rassam uses orderly searching, appropriate modelling techniques and software packages to address complex problems.

Influential work

  • Led an award-winning project on the economics of illicit drugs and analysis of controlling policies for counter-narcotics headquarters, leading to a boost in the prevention budget
  • Participated in projects that led to an optimal investment path for ports, rail connections and road investment
  • Managed a national energy balance model and an assessment of policies on energy security and environmental impact
  • Led a multidisciplinary team to assess impacts of socio-economics and demographics on the higher education labour market and on university graduates’ unemployment rate, which led to significant policy shifts
  • Co-developed an annual project ranking top 500 Iranian companies, having a high impact on the corporate business environment in Iran.

Outside of Nous

Rassam started his career as a consultant at IMI, a top management consultancy in Iran. After getting his PhD in economics, he worked at Shahid Beheshti University as a lecturer and researcher. Rassam has also worked as an economist at Aryasahm, an agile economic consultancy active in the financial market.

He has been involved in nearly 100 projects. The Interior Ministry of Iran honoured one of his projects as the best of the year among 921 projects, and his university honoured him as the best researcher in business, among a field of 54 researchers.

In his spare time...

Rassam enjoys team-based sports, including football. At his weekly friendly matches, putting the ball in the back of the net is a passion. He also enjoys running.