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Rebecca Harnischfeger

Executive & Project Assistant
Rebecca is an Executive & Project Assistant at Nous with experience in medical administration.

She also has educational experience in accounting and business administration.

Influential work

  • Implemented a mobile plant buy vs lease strategy
  • Assisted on projects for Metallurgy Projects
  • Led the Gender Diversity Committee, focused on women in the resources sector
  • Automated A&R’s end-of-month processes
  • Coordinated a department’s budget in partnership with superintendents of four other departments.

Outside of Nous

Rebecca worked for five years in medical administration in a private GP clinic and a private hospital in admissions and medical bookings. She continued this work part-time while studying a Bachelor of Accounting (financial management) at James Cook University in Townsville.

After completing her degree, Rebecca worked for two years in an accounting and reporting role in the mining industry and for another two years as a Business Analyst.

In her spare time...

Rebecca enjoys cryptic crosswords, chess, reading, bike-riding, exercising daily, going out with friends and exploring the Northern Territory.

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