Sean Allen

Senior Consultant
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Sean’s background in health management has given him experience in service design, implementation and evaluation, policy development, reporting, governance and project work.

He has significant experience in emergency management and incident response, including work in a large hospital’s COVID Emergency Operations Centre developing policies, creating additional response capabilities and providing operational incident leadership. Sean understands emergency management through his work as a registered paramedic, army reservist and volunteer firefighter. 

Influential work

  • Evaluated services addressing side effects among prostate cancer survivors, then established a new clinic to address their unmet physical and psychological needs 
  • Developed a COVID-19 exposure policy, worked on establishing an internal contact tracing capability and coordinated a hospital’s response to several large internal exposure incidents  
  • Reviewed a hospital’s bed occupancy reporting then implemented a new process that reduced the burden of reporting and gave greater oversight on key patient flow issues 
  • Established and coordinated a committee to standardise physical space allocation across a hospital, ensuring allocations align with the organisation’s strategy  
  • Conducted gap analysis on recommendations and policy changes that applied to a large hospital, identifying potential issues that led to changes in practice. 

Outside of Nous

Sean recently completed a twoyear management trainee program in a large metropolitan hospital, where he worked with the CEO, CFO, various Executive Directors, the COVID Emergency Operation Centre and the state’s health system strategy and planning team. Sean was also a member of the St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney Youth Advisory Board. Prior to this Sean spent seven years as a registered paramedic, three of which were as a rescue/special operations paramedic. He was also a reservist in the Australian Army for three years and a volunteer firefighter for more than 10 years. 

In his spare time...

Sean enjoys longdistance multiday hiking and camping. He is also an enormous fan of live music and very regularly attends concerts.