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Sophia Wen

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Sophia is a strategy consultant with experience working with public sector clients and volunteering for not-for-profit organisations (NFP).

She is adept at providing high-level strategic advice that is supported by evidence-based, qualitative and quantitative analysis. In doing so, she has developed technical skills in using Excel and digital tools such as Alteryx, PowerBI and Tableau. Sophia has a demonstrated history of delivering outcomes by interweaving technical expertise with strong communication skills and a deep understanding client needs.

Influential work

  • Contributed to strategic review of the charging arrangements for an Australian Government department that required considerations of the financial implications, commercial market conditions, views of Aboriginal communities and asset users, environmental impacts and industry interests
  • Conducted strategic analysis for a state department that optimised the infrastructure builds to improve equal access of quality telecommunication services across remote and non-remote communities
  • Proposed a pricing strategy and assessed revenue impact for a state government’s commercial model as a new market entrant
  • Developed a matrix that assisted a NFP with commercialising its volunteering platform
  • Built a cost forecasting tool for an Australian Government department, enabling the client and its stakeholders to assess options to uplift an industry’s cyber maturity.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Sophia worked as a consultant in the public sector industry providing advice to Australian and state government senior officials. She also volunteered for various NFPs to assist with their organisational strategy, funding, and people and culture. She is a strong advocate of empowering others through inclusive leadership, and co-led an employee wellbeing network for 8000+ staff.

Sophia holds a double degree in Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Commerce from Australian National University.

In her spare time...

Sophia loves spending time with loved ones, being in nature, meditating and immersing herself in a new book.

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