Sushant Tare

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Sushant has 14 years of professional experience, including in strategy consulting. He has delivered over $50 million in revenue and over $4 million in cost savings impact across different industries.

He has advised private sector companies spanning manufacturing, healthcare and ecommerce on growth strategy, operations improvement strategy and marketing technology strategy. Prior to strategy consulting, Sushant’s experience was in industrial automation engineering. He brings expertise in strategic planning, process improvement, market research and benchmarking.

Influential work

  • Delivered $31 million per year revenue impact and 20 million pounds per year improved capacity for a manufacturing company by leading a reliability excellence workstream
  • Generated $14 million per year revenue impact and 12 hours per week improved operation efficiency for a manufacturing company by leading an automation workstream
  • Secured USD $13 million revenue for a healthcare organisation through an improved appeals performance across three contracts by analyzing workflows and mitigating risks
  • Generated a 40% improvement in 20,000 healthcare memberships lacking primary physician care through a leading provider network strategy
  • Saved $3 million in costs per year for a manufacturing company and reduced production start-up time by 90% through automation diagnostic system design.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous Sushant held various management and strategy consulting roles over six years. He has also volunteered to mentor entrepreneurs and small businesses to teach business concepts and help achieve sustained growth in their businesses.

Sushant holds a Master of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master of Engineering from the University of Pittsburg and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

In his spare time...

Sushant loves to spend time with his spouse, play rock guitar and improve his technique, and cook and learn to make different cuisines.


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