Ujjwal Chaudhry

Senior Consultant
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Ujjwal comes to Nous with experience as a management consultant.

He has worked extensively in the financial services sector, with a particular focus on banking and capital markets. He has developed core consulting skills, including conducting industry research, writing reports, creating slide decks for business proposals, managing project budgets, and presenting project findings to clients.

Influential work

  • Worked as a business analyst on a large-scale human resources technology implementation project for a ‘big four’ Australian bank
  • Assisted in developing the Technology Support Operating Model and associated processes across the catalogue
  • Developed incident, change, request and demand frameworks; and a new technology governance framework
  • Developed a PowerBI dashboard and program business architecture document for program leadership level reporting
  • Took ownership of project management activities and assisted in facilitating workshops with key stakeholders to capture critical design information for large-scale transformation.

Outside of Nous

Ujjwal is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Psychology to indulge his love of learning about the human mind and understanding brain-behaviour relationships. He is motivated to delve into the area of positive psychology and gain a deeper understanding of mental wellbeing and human flourishing.

Ujjwal is also the co-founder of a podcast called Bottled Up, which seeks to create conversation about tackling the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and create a support network for related challenging conversations.

Ujjwal holds a Bachelor of Commerce (finance and economics) from the University of Melbourne.

In his spare time...

Ujjwal likes to run long distances, travel and play the acoustic guitar.


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