Varuni Murugadasan


Varuni Murugadasan headshot
Varuni is known for her genuine curiosity, thought leadership and collaborative problem solving on work that has a positive impact.
Her expertise in public policy, strategy and systems thinking stems from experience in government, not-for-profit organisations and the private sector. She has worked on complex policy issues across early childhood and school education, housing and system design, and has contributed to significant reforms at a state and national level.

Influential work

  • Modelled the budget impact and developed the policy for the Victorian Government’s $5 billion commitment to deliver kindergarten programs for all three-year-old children – the first jurisdiction in Australia to deliver two years of universal preschool
  • Undertook research, policy analysis and budget costings to support a $202 million investment in state-wide reforms across early years services (including maternal and child health services and parenting supports)
  • Led the government relations and advocacy activities in a not-for-profit organisation, contributing to national policy change through the 2021-22 federal budget
  • Analysed the impact of whole-of-government housing reforms ahead of a $5.3 billion government investment in social and affordable housing
  • Worked on the design and implementation of a new $1.68 billion state-wide kindergarten infrastructure program.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Varuni managed the government relations and policy work at the Front Project, an organisation focused on improving early childhood education in Australia, through a systems change approach. She has worked on state-wide reforms in strategic policy teams at the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Varuni has also volunteered at not-for-profit organisations delivering education programs for people from diverse backgrounds.

In her spare time...

Varuni enjoys meaningful conversations with family and friends, exploring new sounds, learning about the world around her and the smell of popcorn in movie theatres.