Vincent Murphy

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Vincent is a graduate consultant whose background in linguistics has given him strong analytical and communication skills, which he uses to deliver value for clients and stakeholders.

He is passionate about combining data-driven approaches and qualitative analysis in organisational change. Vincent brings experience in the not-for-profit organisation (NFP), policy and financial services sectors, and utilises these experiences to inform his decisions and enable him to work effectively across many domains. 

Influential work

  • Established a charity that provides education to refugee children across Northern Thailand, helping more than 200 students yearly access primary and secondary education 
  • Led a research team for Oxfam Great Britain on the feasibility of market entry in the Middle East, with suggestions adopted by the Head of Philanthropy and other executives 
  • Aided in development of a fundraising strategy for a Peruvian NFP while studying at The University of Oxford  
  • Participated in large-scale research projects on Australian indigenous languages, presenting research at international linguistics conferences 
  • Founded and ran numerous university clubs including college cricket terms and university linguistic societies. 

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Vincent completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) at The University of Melbourne and a Master of Science in Applied Linguistics at The University of Oxford, focusing on language learning and how governments facilitate migrants’ integration into broader society through linguistic policies.  

While studying Vincent held numerous research positions at The University of Melbourne and The Australian National University, focusing on documenting Australian Indigenous languages. At The University of Oxford, Vincent was a consultant with CapitOx Consulting Group and Oxford Development Consulting, working closely with Oxfam and NFPs in South America respectively. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) from The University of Melbourne and a Master of Science in Applied Linguistics from The University of Oxford. 

In his spare time...

Vincent enjoys spending time with friends and family, eating at new restaurants and watching the latest movies. A keen traveller, he enjoys meeting new people and learning new languages. 


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