Zoie Mearns


NousGroup Background Pattern
Zoie has 10 years of volunteering experience aiding vulnerable people, including mentoring in youth programs, assisting individuals struggling with homelessness and substance dependencies and advancing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs in Cherbourg and Brisbane city.
Zoie was previously a change analyst and assisted in delivering and implementing an organisational-wide strategic transformational project. Zoie’s recent graduation equipped her with knowledge and understanding in behavioural science (psychology) and business management and strengthened her research and communication skills.

Influential work

  • Volunteered at Fishers of Men to support clients with physical and mental needs, applying for and acquiring government grants, assisting with office administration, and helping grow the organisation’s volunteer base
  • Assisted in stakeholder management, communications, and provided employee training to support the delivery of a digital transformation project
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research for a project that investigated the common pain points from customer verbatim, provided root cause analysis and suggested actions required to produce positive change
  • Supported a project analysing fleet management to provide strategic recommendations on how to improve fund allocation and workplace health and safety.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Zoie completed a double degree in business and psychology at the Queensland University of Technology, receiving the 2021 Indigenous Academic Student Excellence Award. She was also a change analyst at the Bank of Queensland, supporting large-scale transformation projects.

Zoie actively engages in the community, volunteering at Fishers of Men, which assists those with substance and/or homeless difficulties. She also participated in YWAM, an international volunteer program; and was a youth leader at Real Life Christian Church.

In her spare time...

Zoie enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing board games, watching sitcoms, travelling and volunteering.