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Designing a new energy future


Nous Group Managing Director Tim Orton and Principal Simon Smith join guest speakers Audrey Zibelman (CEO and MD, Australian Energy Market Operator), Grant King (Chair Business Council of Australia and former CEO and MD, Origin Energy) and Richard Bolt (Vice-President - Strategy & Innovation, Swinburne University and former Secretary, Victorian Department of Economic Development Jobs, Transport and Resources), to discuss Australia’s energy future.

About NousCast

What are the biggest challenges facing Australia right now? How will Australia rise to meet those challenges and forge a bright, prosperous future for the nation beyond 2020? NousCast consults a series of experts at the top of their field in government policy, business, NGOs and academia on how to tackle Australia’s biggest threats and opportunities, including national security, trade, energy, diversity and more.

This is a complex industry which needs really strongly skilled people, evidence-based progress, step by step. Let’s not get distracted by grand vision, let’s take each of those steps, well thought-through, well executed.

Grant King

Chair Business Council of Australia and former CEO and MD, Origin Energy

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