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Digital Sherpa: An invaluable ally in any digital transformation


In this episode of NousCast, we speak to Steve Lennon, a digital strategy expert in Nous’ Sydney office, on the topic of digital transformation. 

Steve brings to the topic experience that few others can – as well as spending years as a transformation specialist, he’s also an experienced mountain climber and adventurer. Steve explains why he thinks a Digital Sherpa can be so useful in overcoming the odds when it comes to a successful digital transformation. He tells us about the role of the Digital Sherpa, about the different type of transformations and shows the work of a Digital Sherpa in action. 

The title Digital Sherpa gets its origins from the Sherpa people who live in the Himalayas and have been invaluable assistants to many climbers. The word sherpa has since taken on a more general meaning to refer to the role of assistant on an expedition. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Sherpa people for their help.

You can also read Steve's article, A Digital Sherpa can steady your step and spare you pain as you head up the digital transformation mountain. 

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We have just seen digital adoption jump forward by five years, in eight weeks. The entire market environment has been transformed. It is a good time to take a look at your digital objectives again, and think about what your own transformation journey needs to look like to adapt to the transformed market and operating environment.

Steve Lennon

Principal, Nous Group

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