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Prosperity and Security


Former prime ministerial adviser Dr Don Russell joins Nous Group’s Tim Orton, Dr Jenny Gordon, and Anthony Bubalo to discuss Australia’s national security and prosperity in an era of an assertive China and an ambivalent United States.

China is Australia’s biggest export market, our largest source of tourism, a major foreign investor and our biggest agricultural goods market. It is also looming adversary, with tensions between China and the United States creating an uncertain outlook for Australia’s security relationships.

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What are the biggest challenges facing Australia right now? How will Australia rise to meet those challenges and forge a bright, prosperous future for the nation beyond 2020? NousCast consults a series of experts at the top of their field in government policy, business, NGOs and academia on how to tackle Australia’s biggest threats and opportunities, including national security, trade, energy, diversity and more.

We are back in an era of geopolitical competition. Obviously that has profound implications for Australia. It’s different for us this time, because in the Cold War we were distant from that geopolitical competition, now it’s not just on our doorstep, but it’s also occurring within our borders.

Anthony Bubalo

Principal, Nous Group

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