Gain the policy edge with Nous’ David Bartlett and Rhys Edwards

Gain the policy edge with Nous’ David Bartlett and Rhys Edwards


Nous Group Advisers David Bartlett and Rhys Edwards will jointly facilitate a nine-day professional development program with the Victorian division of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) in November.

The online learning program, on the topic Gain the Policy Edge, will be co-facilitated by Mr Bartlett, a former Premier of Tasmania, and Mr Edwards, a former secretary of Tasmania’s Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The program is designed for senior policy makers or for anyone who needs to understand the conceptual framework for the policy work they already do. It will run for nine days between 16 November and 30 November.

IPAA Victoria said it was offering this program because planning and delivering better services depends on having a strong understanding of how policy is developed and implemented across the whole of government.

Mr Bartlett had a successful career in information technology, telecommunications and innovation before entering parliament, becoming a government minister and later Tasmania’s 43rd Premier. He is currently an Adviser at Nous Group.

“It is critical that we improve the working relationship between ministers and public policy people in Australia,” Mr Bartlett said.

“For public policy professionals to better understand the authorising environment they are working in and for ministers and their staff to better understand the value of good public policy approaches will lead to better outcomes. In this course we do not only look at models for better public policy formation, we also ensure those models are situated in the real world of politics, media, community and complexity.”

Mr Edwards is an experienced organisational leader who served as Secretary of Tasmania’s Department of Premier and Cabinet for six years, held numerous senior public sector positions and was a ministerial adviser. He is currently an Adviser at Nous Group.

“There has never been a more important time for evidence-led public policy approaches,” Mr Edwards said. “As we move into a post-pandemic world we have an opportunity to re-think the way we do public policy and the way we value evidence, data, ethics and engagement.

“In Gain the Policy Edge we build on these fundamentals and ensure we engage in the contemporary challenges and opportunities that public policy leaders will confront in the coming months and years.”

Intending participants can register for the program via the IPAA website.

Published on 21 September 2020.

David Barltett and Rhys Edwards

Nous Advisers David Bartlett and Rhys Edwards