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Energy, Resources & Utilities

Energy, Resources & Utilities

As more people in more places seek to improve their quality of life, the critical inputs for current and future generations to live better and more sustainably are in increasing demand.

Many nations and organisations have committed to eliminating carbon emissions from their use of energy. Citizens, customers and staff are looking for leadership and support through the accelerating energy transition.

Nous has the experience and expertise in strategy, policy, energy, decarbonisation and engagement to help governments, businesses and not-for-profits plan and implement their contribution to limiting climate change, perhaps the greatest challenge of this century.

Our work in this domain aligns with our public commitment to support the transition to net-zero emissions.

Our work includes

Energy policy and regulation

The right policy settings and regulation can improve the sustainability, reliability and affordability of energy. We can support you with energy system transition, decarbonisation and net-zero policy, customer protections, regulatory oversight and evaluation, and economic and data analysis.

Vision and strategy

Vision and strategy can grow and transform energy businesses and support decarbonisation. We can guide your efforts through environment scanning and opportunity assessment, market entry and growth strategies, decarbonisation strategies and regulatory and funding support for net-zero investments.

Platform and service design

Digital platforms and services can enable innovation in customer experience, regulation, and energy supply and demand. We have the expertise to support you with customer experience strategy and design, digital strategy and operating models, product design and commercialisation, and digital asset management.

Operation and system redesign

It can be challenging to redesign operations and systems, including enhancing leadership, to uplift performance. We can support you with culture change and leadership development, workforce planning and digitisation, operating model design and implementation, and data strategy and redesign.

Social licence to operate

Organisations need to operate in constructive partnership with communities in order to preserve social license. We can guide your efforts on issues including corporate social responsibility, rights and involvement of traditional owners, land use and participation agreements, and energy safety.

Stakeholder engagement

Effective engagement with policy makers and communities is vital to an organisation’s efforts to activate strategies. We can help you have a real impact with policy position statements, government and industry collaboration forums, and engagement and consultation with communities, staff and industry.

Solar panels and windmill power plant

How the energy sector can meet changing demands

Communities, companies and governments are increasingly committing to decarbonisation to drive a transformation that must be fair, stable and productive.

Industrial workers clapping in a factory

How we go beyond checking the boxes on ESG

We think the need for good conduct goes beyond an organisation checking the boxes on ESG responsibilities. We partner with organisations to achieve purpose, sustainability and impact.

Construction site new offshore wind farm

The race to carbon-neutral is on – we need ambition, wisdom and collaboration to get there safely

The task of reaching net zero is so large and complex that it requires a strong and long partnership of governments, businesses and communities – to establish new industries and infrastructure, close obsolete ones, change out most appliances and vehicles, and more.

Man installing solar panels on roof

Policy reform where the environment connects with the economy and community

We have supported multiple Australian and state government agencies to develop and implement substantial reform efforts in planning, precincts, energy, water and agriculture. Drawing on this experience, we have identified four factors that every policy-maker ought to consider.

A farmer on the land

Unlocking the social licence gate to decarbonisation


It is widely accepted that we will need to deploy renewable energy at a huge scale to reach net zero – yet renewables make up just 25 per cent of supply to the National Electricity Market. The hardest yards of decarbonising power lie ahead, and we have barely begun on oil and gas.

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